Audit and assurance

Audit and assurance

Whether you are a small, neighbourhood not-for-profit or a large, complex organisation, we help you navigate financial pressures due to changing economic dynamics, fluctuating philanthropic support and complex regulatory structures.

Regardless of your size, our experts can provide you with solutions that are the right fit for your circumstances, rather than provide you with a one-size-fits-all approach. Offering a range of audit, tax and advisory services, we are committed to helping you overcome the obstacles you face and to developing a robust and sustainable operating model. Here's how we could help you:

Financial Statement Audits

Conduct financial statement audits, which involve a thorough examination of the non-profit's financial records, transactions, and disclosures. The goal is to ensure that the financial statements present a true and fair view of your organization's financial position, performance, and cash flows.

Compliance Audits

Non-profits are often subject to specific regulatory requirements and funding restrictions. We perform compliance audits to verify that the organization has adhered to these requirements and utilized funds appropriately.

Internal Control Evaluation

Assess the internal control systems to determine effectiveness in safeguarding assets, preventing fraud, and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

Risk Assessment

Identify and evaluate the risks, both financial and operational, to prioritize areas that require more attention and resources to mitigate potential risks.

Donor and Grant Reporting

Ensure that the organization complies with donor restrictions and accurately reports the use of funds.

Transparency and Accountability

Providing an independent assessment of financial information, accountants bolster the trust of donors, stakeholders, and the public.

Regulatory Compliance

Help non-profits navigate the complex web of regulatory requirements, ensuring that the organization meets all legal obligations related to financial reporting and disclosures.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Detect signs of potential fraud whilst performing audits, remain vigilant for any red flags or irregularities and advise the organization on implementing fraud prevention measures.

Assurance on Non-Financial Information

In addition to financial information, provide assurance on non-financial information, such as sustainability reports or impact assessments thus enhancing credibility and transparency.

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